+ 2/20/13
Want to see where Download One, Give One is reaching? View our map here.

+ 2/18/13
We're in writing mode. Our goal is to release a full-length record in the summer. Sign up for our mailing list and we'll keep you updated. 


+ 1/21/13
Did u know that while progress against childhood cancer has been made, cure rates 4 some pediatric cancers remain <50%? . You can help. Get involved with Download One, Give One.   


+ 1/11/13
Download One, Give One is off to a great start! Thanks to everyone who is getting involved!


+ 1/09/13
Dropping Dulcinea officially announces the launch of Download One, Give One project. Get involved here.


+ 12/28/12
We launched Dropping Duclinea and the Download One, Give One project on Twitter. Follow us:

+ 12/22/12
We launched the Download One, Give One project on Facebook. Please like our page.


+ 12/15/12
We launched the Dropping Dulcinea Facebook page. Click to like us.

+ 11/30/12
Dropping Dulcinea is a new band. Be sure to check out the bio page for our story. And read about the Download One, Give One project here.