Dropping Dulcinea

On the surface, Dropping Dulcinea is Jason Walls and Guy Nicolette, two band mates looking for a way to continue creating and performing music years after we sold the touring van.


Peeling back a layer you would find our collaboration in a band called Fifth Year Crush. Formed in the college town of Gainesville, FL the pop rock outfit gained a modicum of success through the first half of the 2000s primarily on the back of the full length record, Wearing This Life.


We did many of the things bands do – made records, toured the U.S., opened for bigger bands (like Goo Goo Dolls, Sister Hazel, and Lenny Kravitz), and got sponsorships (Budweiser and Mountain Dew). Along the way, we even did a few things many bands don’t typically get the chance to do, most notably being featured on MTV2. And then, like most bands, we broke up.


The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha takes us one layer deeper. In the Spanish of Cervantes’ time, the word ‘dulcinea’ meant something similar to a “sweetheart.” For Don Quixote, Dulcinea is the vision of beauty for whom he relentlessly fights despite all who tell him to give up. Today, to reference someone as your "Dulcinea" implies hopeless devotion and love.


Fifth Year Crush was our Dulcinea. Letting go of a first love, especially when unrequited or unfulfilled, is painful but often ultimately necessary. So for us, letting go of Fifth Year Crush was achingly difficult. And so now, years later, our desire to continue to pursue a love of creating music in a new band is truly Dropping Dulcinea.


At its heart, Dropping Dulcinea wants our music to do good – good things for the band, good things for those that enjoy music, and good things for society. Our hope is that we can accomplish each of those things by donating all of the proceeds from the download of our first single, "Beautiful (Wait For You)," to charity.


We call the project “Download One, Give One” and while it’s a simple idea, our goal is a big one…a really, really big one. Read more and get involved here.